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A Showcase of New Innovations and Film Technology

Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective products provide sign shops, commercial printers and designers a broad range of pressure-sensitive materials and ideas to enable creation of impactful informative, brand and decorative graphics.

In a fast-paced and increasingly competitive marketplace, consumer attention comes at a premium. Out-of-home advertising and temporary point-of-purchase displays are proven ways to build awareness and drive sales, but they need colors that pop so that they are noticeable while also being easy to apply and remove.

To meet the promotional needs of today’s brands, Avery Dennison engineers pressure-sensitive graphics films in a complete spectrum of tints and finishes, as well as next-generation digital imaging films that can transform virtually any surface - from walls to windows and floors to furniture - into a functional canvas for eye-catching promotions.


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Avery Digital

Avery Digital imaging products are the key to today’s diverse digital printing market. They can be used in a variety of applications such as vehicle wraps, corporate identities, truck advertising or self-adhesive labels and stickers.


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Avery Screen printing

A wide range of films for screen printing.

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Avery Signage

A wide range of films for sign making and specialty applications. They are ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor sign making applications and offer excellent cutting and weeding capabilities.

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Reflective and Conspiculty Tape

A wide range of reflective films used in traffic and work zone, safety apparel and fleet vehicle applications.